What You Need to Know About Infographics

With the ubiquity of the Internet available at our fingertips, we have access to more data than ever before.  At times this abundance of information can be overwhelming.  If packaged well, this information can be a useful resource.

What is an infrographic?  Information graphics or infographics are a mix of visual design, data content and insight into the data presented.  These graphics present data in a streamlined manner, making complex information easy to understand.  Browsing at images, graphics and specific tidbits of information are more likely to resonate with readers than lengthy articles.  They are a visually compelling form on communication.  When curated effectively communicate complex data that has the potential to go viral.

After typing infographics into Google an array of results appeared, from “Who Spent More on Online Ads This Past Election” to “The 12 Most Popular Pets on the Web.”  In a two-year period from 2010 to 2012, infographic search volumes increased by over 800%.  Statistics from Digg show that infographics have increased by 250 times, since 2007.

Using the Internet to convey information worldwide can be a challenge.  Particularly when it comes to how companies effectively communicate to their target audiences, in a manner that outshines their competitors.  The question remains, why should you employ infographics for marketing and communications?

1) Appealing Information:

People are more likely to ignore information presented in plain text.  Instead, compelling graphics and images married with relevant data are sure to attract attention.

2) Ease of Understanding:

Since the data is simplified in a graphic representation, it is easier to get your point across.  Readers will not be lost in a myriad of paragraphs filled with data and numbers, but will be able to decipher key points in a matter of minutes.

3) Viral Capabilities:

Infographics are far more likely to go viral than plain text, due the compelling nature of its visual and creative representation of information.  They are attractive and can easily be shared across social networks.

4) Brand Awareness:

A well-constructed infographic embedded with your company brand and logo, is an effective means of increasing brand awareness.  It is an essential way to gain customer trust and loyalty over your company’s competitors.

5) Show Expert Understanding:

The research that goes into creating an infographic will display your knowledge and understanding, as an expert on the topic at hand.  Infographics lessen misinterpretations, due to the well thought-out presentation of facts and figures that lead straight to the facts.


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